A Lovechild with a cause...

Loveangelists (love + evangelists), n. self-loving, empowered people who life on their own terms, inspiring others to do the same.

The basics:
Loveangelists is the Oakland, California based folk pop duo of Nathan Dennen (California) & Lisa Young (Delaware). They come from opposite coasts & different backgrounds, but share a vision of more self-loving & empowered people living life as their authentic selves and on their own terms! This duo is the yin & yang of expression: Nathan has two solo albums on keys, coaches songwriting, and is a talented visual artist. Lisa is an award-winning linguist, freestyle social dancer, and love connector. Together with a guitar, the pair combines eloquent harmonies and catchy rhymes on their mission to transform the way we live our lives.

The backstory: 
When the two met at the end of 2014, the energetic sparks flew and everyone in the room could feel it! Each had performed diverse musical genres and written individually about self-growth and empowered living. Nathan coached Lisa to turn her lyrics into fully produced songs, and together both were inspired to create more music. Once Lisa heard Nathan sing what would eventually become a Loveangelists song [True Happiness], she couldn't help but harmonize every time she heard the chorus ... and secretly began hoping they'd collaborate one day... 
Then in late 2017, that day finally came. Loveangelists was born! And logically so: they were equally passionate about spreading the message of empowerment through self love, balanced the other's sound, and realized that joining forces in harmony would better communicate their message across cultures.

What people are saying about Loveangelists:

- Nutritional and wholesome music.Thank you. 

-This song kept me up last night! Great song! 

- [Loveanegelists] is the most pure and joyous thing on my IG.

- Absolutely incredible and right from the heart. 

- ...Amazing. I swear I smile at every song.

"The message is as important as the music. At a time when the world feels deeply divided, Loveangelists is for people who envision more for their lives. We believe that anyone can join the mission as a loveangelist. Our music is a representation of those values, and boldly leaves no difficult topic left behind. Add Loveangelists to your empowerment playlist."  -Lisa

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