In a DIY scene that often acts as a caricature of angst, anger, and disinterest, indie folk pop duo Loveangelists [is] fighting back by killing with kindness.”

Lilly Milman, The Deli Magazine

Loveangelists (love + evangelists), n. self-loving, empowered people who life on their own terms, inspiring others to do the same.

The basics: 
Loveangelists is the Oakland, California based indie folk pop duo of Nathan Dennen (California) & Lisa Young (Delaware). They come from opposite coasts & different backgrounds, but share a vision of more self-loving & empowered people living life on their own terms! This duo is the yin & yang of expression: Nathan has two solo albums on keys, coaches songwriting, and is a talented visual artist. Lisa is an award-winning linguist, freestyle social dancer, and love connector! Strapped with a simple guitar, the pair combines eloquent harmonies and catchy rhymes that energize and inspire audiences as a part of their mission to transform the way we live our lives. 

What people are saying about Loveangelists: 

- Nutritional and wholesome music.Thank you. 

-This song kept me up last night! Great song! 

- [Loveanegelists] is the most pure and joyous thing on my IG. 

- Absolutely incredible and right from the heart. 

- ...Amazing. I swear I smile at every song. 

"The message is as important as the music. At a time when the world feels deeply divided, Loveangelists is for people who envision more for their lives. We believe that anyone can join the mission as a loveangelist. Our music is a representation of those values, and boldly leaves no difficult topic left behind. Add Loveangelists to your empowerment playlist."  -Lisa

Full Song: So Far From Me

Video Samples: Love Out Loud + True happiness

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