He touched us with his words..

Ryan, our Custom Song Contest winner, moved us with his powerful #WhatIWant2018 submission of wanting to raise his (first!) newborn daughter with love & respect, to show her experiences and expose her to the world so that she could be as happy and inspired as he already feels because of her presence in his life. Although we are not parents, we love our nieces & nephew and can only imagine what it is like to feel and live everything that comes with being a new parent. Congratulations Ryan! And thank you for giving us this beautiful song project to create for you! [From Jack London Square for Waterside Wednesday #6!] We encourage you to think about, decide, and share your goals this year, even if you don't share them with us. In order for us to have the kind of progress we want in our lives, we must have direction on a path we'd like to take toward a goal we'd like to reach. Starting small feels best because it is most rewarding, builds confidence, and shows you that if you stretch yourself a little, you can do it. I (Lisa) once tried to get a morning routine together despite never having one. When I tried to change everything at once I failed miserably, but when I added new variations to my mornings one by one, I eventually learned to live my mornings better than I had before. (This is still a work in progress! So I'm on the way to even better mornings yet!) What's the one small thing you could implement into your life this week, or even this month, that will move you toward your goals? What can do you today? What can you do right now? (Hint: the answers should be getting successively easier to do.) Take that easiest thing you can do right now, and start there. If nothing else, it is a plan to set your goals... That's worth more a start than many!

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