New song release!

This #watersidewednesday we traveled to Bay Farm Island of Alameda to share a snippet of our new song online: 

Love Out Loud!

At a time when the world can feel chaotic, and society seems to promote hate, insecurity, and fear, we wrote
this song as a reminder that no matter what is happening outside and around us, there is something we can do...

We can look within, dig deep, and be the example of a world we would rather see.

We can live our personal truths. We can show respect, love, and dignity in what we choose to do
and how we choose to do it. We can only control ourselves, and every action we take is a choice.

We, Loveangelists, choose love.

Not just the woo hippie dippie love (we understand that too - California life!), 
not just romantic love,
not just love for family members and kids...
but also the love we can show strangers passing us by on the street with a greeting,
the respect we can demonstrate when it may seem others are undeserving (pride get in the way much?),
the love we forget to give ourselves but so freely give to a desired romantic partner...
the self-love & compassion that empowers us to live more fulfilling lives.

What do you choose?


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