Our first time...

Hey world!

Loveangelists here.

This is our first installment of #watersidewednesday! (I know, today is Thursday whoops...but it was recorded yesterday, we promise!)

We spend a lot of time near the water -- we live in the San Francisco Bay Area after all, and it's gorgeous out here!  So naturally (pun intended? maybe) we decided that from various waterfronts we'll update every Wednesday with our new songs, show announcements, travels, news & more on our YouTube channel.

Oh you didn't know we had a YouTube channel?

No worries, you can subscribe here


We kept this first one short (to fit into Instagram's 1 minute video policy haha), but look out for a LOT of exciting stuff coming up in the second edition next Wednesday, December 13th -- can't wait to share it all with you!

In the meantime, we'll show the latest on Instagram.

More soon!

-Lisa & Nathan

"Empowerment starts with loving yourself"

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