Reflections of Empowerment: Waterside Wednesday in Washington DC!

With the backdrop of the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool, and after recording our 3rd #watersidewednesday (posted below), we paused for some reflection on the current state of our country and the world. For me (Lisa), I also being back on my "home side" (east coast!)...closer to my roots.

Visiting both the Lincoln and Martin Luther King Jr. Memorials, we felt the powerful presence of two men responsible for transforming U.S. history for the better. Empowered individuals living their message to help others live better lives...

...It's this.

This is why I write. This is why we sing.


I believe everyone deserves to feel love, to love themselves, and to be empowered to create and live a life that feels fulfilling. I, who come from generations of interracial and international mixing (long before it was legally acceptable to do so), feel gratitude to these two who stood for the empowerment of others. But even more importantly, I believe that one not need be famous, nor politically motivated, to make such a difference. Our very presence is felt by others -- we each influence people around us whether or not we realize it...whether or not we even want to. We have the power to contribute if we decide to use our voice, use our actions, and demonstrate via example what it is we want to see in this world. The only questions are of perspective and choice.

Do you see yourself as powerful?
Do you recognize your own unique power?

What do you choose to do with it?
How will you use it?


Live empowered,

(Washington DC & Dover, DE announcements below)

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